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What does ‘Urunji’ mean?

Urunji, means righteousness. It is a vernacular name in Malawi. The founder chose this name as he saw the suffering of children, widows and orphans and realized it was time for ‘Urunji’ (righteousness) to prevail.

Are you an orphanage?

No. We are not an orphanage. We are a registered non-profit organization a.k.a NGO in Malawi. Our work focuses on children among them orphans. We believe that the best way to reach out to more children and to make a lasting impact is to support them from their community. This helps them return to their community and give back in terms of skills, volunteering and decision making which helps bring sustainable change and development.

Where are your offices located?

We are in SS Rent-A-Car Building, 2nd Floor in Unit 13. This building is located along Kamuzu Procession Road near Lilongwe Hotel.

I have heard that volunteering is free. What’s the catch?

Yes, volunteering is absolutely free with Urunji Child-Care Trust. There is a catch though: Foreign volunteers are required to give a gift of $1000 or more and are responsible for their own accommodation and travel.

Which is the best time to volunteer?

We have volunteer opportunities all year round. It all depends on your choice. It is always great to volunteer during the school term as you will have a glimpse of how our programmes are run.

Who sponsors Urunji Child-Care Trust/Who are your donors?

We maintain financial reports and all our activities are transparent. However, many donors want to remain only known to us. We only disclose our donors when they permit or ask us to do so.

I have submitted so many applications but you haven’t employed me. Why?

The easiest way to be part of our team is to volunteer. We maintain a small staff to ensure we channel most of our resources to projects. When you volunteer, you are assured of working with Urunji Child-Care Trust even without big qualifications or significant work experience. We do not guarantee that you will be offered a position as a volunteer but it’s worth trying.

I have a child/relative who is poor and/or an orphan. Can you help him?

We always want to make sure there is an effective monitoring and evaluation system in place. As such we only identify beneficiaries through local community leaders, school committees, the social welfare office and other institutions.

Are you affiliated to a religious institution or political party?

No. A big NO! We are neutral and are not affiliated to any religious institution or political party. Most of our beneficiaries subscribe to the Christian faith but we are not faith-based.

Contact Us

Urunji Child-Care Trust
Misenza Complex
Cnr. Kaunda and Shire Road
Area 49 Shire
P.O. Box 30977
Lilongwe 3

Mobile: +265 (0)997 400948
Email: info@urunjichildcare.org

Meet Our Needs

Urunji Child-Care Trust urgently needs the following:
  • desktop or laptop computers
  • laserjet printer and a copier
  • learning materials for kids
  • a motor vehicle (minibus)
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Our Expenditure

85% Programs, 10% Fundraising, 5% Management

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Urunji Child-Care Trust is a registered NGO in Malawi.
Registration # TR/INC5564