Walking out of the darkness of drugs: The Story of Mike

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Experience they say is the best teacher. With all that happened to Mike, looking back at the struggles, the fall and rise we are convinced life teaches us a lot in different ways. The only son of chief Andrew, with 2 elder gorgeous twin daughters Lilian and Belinda both in their finals at the university while Mike was in his second year at another university.

Mike met with David at a school inter-departmental competition where they both became friends. Friendship grew with time and each other was fond of the other, they shared their dreams for the future and were almost seen reading together. On a certain cold rainy morning at school, Mike visited David's room to see if he could get some warm water to make a hot beverage. On arriving he found David in company of some his course mates smoking a joint, he was taken aback at the sight that he wondered when did his friend started indulging in smoking.


David called out to him and told him to have a drag , "common Mike, have a feel, you would love the way it makes your mind assimilate faster and keep you warm longer ". This marked the journey of Mike into experimenting with drugs, a spell that saw his academics take a plunge. He missed classes, was always borrowing money to sustain the desire to be on the high. This broke his family as an only son, much was expected of him as was the culture; it placed a lot of importance on the male child.

The love of a mother is eternal as Mike's mother with a broken heart which was filled with love for her son, sought out the best doctors and mentors to help bring his son out of the addiction. With the love and care of the family they were able to restore him to normalcy, a fee not so little as his middle class parents sold most of their assets to see their son well again.

Time heals all injuries, only the injuries we wish to be healed, as the media was always on the lookout for an opportunity to remind the family of their son's past mistakes. At first the post in papers and online infuriated Mike's dad but when the media realised Mike has really changed for good with his new engagements and community auspices, they could not help but praise the once drug addict for his benevolence.

Mike started a football academy that saw youths with potential but having lack of funds and sponsors engage themselves in the sport of football. Also under the mentorship of his doctors and support of his former course mates who are now socialites he created a rehabilitation center for people who are being addicted to drugs, the family would only bring their wards to the outstation while treatment and other cost of seeing the addict recover was covered by the organisation.

Society and media is happy with the transformed Mike that they dubbed him "Comeback Mike " Comeback Mike shares his biography with the press… a walk out of the darkness of drugs.

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About the Author

Clement Akpan is a visionary person who seeks to make the best out of every situation. He completed his higher education studies in banking and finance. He is a web developer, social media administrator as well as marketer. He holds credentials as an SA Specialist(South African Tourism) among other qualifications and certifications.

He hopes to make a global impact by contributing to shared happiness which is free and enjoyed by all who come in contact with him.

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