7 ways to motivate yourself for a productive day

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Being productive and maximising one’s potential is not an easy task. Try scheduling, time management or maintaining a journal. Sometimes we find ourselves jumping off the boat.

People who are looking forward to being productive are searching all the time for ways to become a master of their own destiny – for ways of helping themselves to create a more productive day; one which seeks to help others and impact them in a positive way throughout their community.

There a few lifestyle changes that you can effect that can help you become a productive person. Here are the 8 Ways to motivate yourself for a productive day.

1. Identify your key strengths

Try to identify your strengths and your weak points that need to be improved. However, build on your strengths and encourage yourself. This will enhance your self-discovery as you polish up your strengths and overcome your weak points.

2. Create a plan of action


Have a plan for yourself which includes your goals and a few steps you will take to kick-start your route towards being productive. Challenge yourself by asking why you are looking forward to doing that assignment, how you will work towards the next milestone and how you will get help. Be dymanic. Do not stick to things that don’t work.

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3. Consider interdependence

No man is an island so they say. No person is a master of all. Stimulate your growth by being an interdependent person but not being to dependent on others. Ask for guidance but do not over-consult. Explore opportunities. Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes. Keep growing!

That will help you to gain different experiences harness your knowledge bank and gain different perspectives about things around you.

4. Discover your hidden talents

One of the easiest ways to figure out and discover your talents is giving yourself as a service to others in need in your society or the community at large. This can be either volunteering, taking part in activities aimed at helping others or helping others discover their potential.

5. Beat the stress

You cannot solve world problems in a day. Be kind to yourself by identifying and mitigating habits and practices that can build stress. Empathize with others but do not become too emotional. That is going to help you to make a positive impact on people around you, in your work or even in your family.

6. Focus on the future

Even when you feel you are making one step forward and two backwards, focus on your future by doing your best in achieving what you are looking forward to. Do not be discouraged.

7. Manage your time

Have a system to check your daily milestones. Give yourself time to reflect and as much as possible start with the easier tasks first then move to the more complex issues. Work according to your plan but prepare yourself to change course if need be.

Eliminate distractions. This could be as simple as putting your mobile phone on silent, closing your windows to reduce the noise of passing vehicles – just anything that has potential of driving you off track.

Most importantly… don’t give up!

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