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We at Urunji Child-Care Trust would love to hear from you. We normally respond to emails within 24hrs. If you have an urgent matter, please contact us by phone or WhatsApp on +265 (0)997 400948

Due to the depreciation of the CDMA technology by Malawi Telecommunications Limited, we have as at June 2017 switched to mobile number +265 997 400948. We have activated WhatsApp on this number for your convenience.

Please note that any official email correspondence from Urunji Child-Care Trust is through an address that ends with without which none are genuine.

All correspondence must be addressed to the Executive Director. Telephone support is available 24/7. If your enquiry is on child sponsorship, please click this link.

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Urunji Child-Care Trust
Misenza Complex
Cnr. Kaunda and Shire Road
Area 49 Shire
P.O. Box 30977
Lilongwe 3

Mobile: +265 (0)997 400948

Meet Our Needs

Urunji Child-Care Trust urgently needs the following:
  • desktop or laptop computers
  • laserjet printer and a copier
  • learning materials for kids
  • a motor vehicle (minibus)
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Our Expenditure

85% Programs, 10% Fundraising, 5% Management

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Urunji Child-Care Trust is a registered NGO in Malawi.
Registration # TR/INC5564