7 Reasons to Support Urunji

There are so many ways you can get involved:
There are also so many reasons to get involved with Urunji Child-Care Trust. We have summarized them and here is the shortlist:

  1. We are Community Based:

    By supporting the children from their community we eliminate the inner feeling of being disconnected from their loved ones and their friends. Unlike in a traditional orphanage setup, Urunji supports children right from the villages they live. This enables us to reach out to more children than institutionalizing them.

  2. We are good stewards:

    We protect your interests as our donors, partners and supporters. All our activities are documented through reports and newsletters. Contact Us to request our 2014 Activity Report. Want to see how we are spending your money? Send us an email to request our 2014 Annual Financial Report.

  3. We Focus on Sustainability:

    We believe that equipping the communities with sustainable ways of raising income defeats the need to always be there for them. One of the tools we use is empowering women and caregivers with small-scale business (entrepreneurial) skills such as tailoring to ensure they are able to sustain children under their care – be they orphans or vulnerable.

  4. We invest in Knowledge and Value Education:

    The root cause of absenteeism among children in rural communities is childhood hunger. To overcome this obstacle to education, Urunji runs a feeding programme at Mwatibu Primary School targeting 1,600 children from Standard 1 to 4. We also provide reusable/washable sanitary pads to girls to ensure they don’t miss classes during a monthly period. We have even gone an extra mile: We are providing bursaries for 16 girls and our goal is to reach out to more needy girls who fail to attend secondary school due to lack of school fees and resources.

  5. We Believe in Diversity:

    Urunji carefully selects volunteers through strict internal vetting and external partner organizations. In 2014 alone, volunteers contributed over 30,000 hours of their service to Urunji Child-Care Trust; reducing the costs of salaries and bringing invaluable skills that would have been otherwise difficult to get. Our volunteers come from all the four corners of the world bringing different skills, talents and expertise.

  6. We act in love:

    Those living with AIDS are treated with the same dignity as those without. We use the popular slogan “We are all HIV positive unless tested negative” We DO NOT segregate against people based on gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, creed, religious affiliation whatsoever.

  7. We Value Your Contribution:

    Whatever suggestion you have, we are willing and happy to consider it and take action where necessary. We believe that negative and positive contributions alike build us into a better team, make smart choices and bring better results. Ready to go? Send us your suggestions here.

Want to read our core values? Click here for more. Want to donate? You are just a click away from our donation page.

If you have a corporate giving programme. Please contact us to discuss how you can support Urunji Child-Care Trust. As an individual, you can sponsor a child from $30 a month.

Contact Us

Urunji Child-Care Trust
Misenza Complex
Cnr. Kaunda and Shire Road
Area 49 Shire
P.O. Box 30977
Lilongwe 3

Mobile: +265 (0)997 400948
Email: info@urunjichildcare.org

Meet Our Needs

Urunji Child-Care Trust urgently needs the following:
  • desktop or laptop computers
  • laserjet printer and a copier
  • learning materials for kids
  • a motor vehicle (minibus)
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Our Expenditure

85% Programs, 10% Fundraising, 5% Management

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Urunji Child-Care Trust is a registered NGO in Malawi.
Registration # TR/INC5564