Meeting Other Needs

Supporting the child beyond sponsorship empowers the family to come out of extreme poverty. Here are some of the ways you can give a hand up to a sponsored child's family:

Giving animals

Giving animals
When you give chickens, the family will have access to eggs – a vital source of nutrition for the child and his/her family.

Animals easily reproduce and are given to the next needy household. They also provide vital manure for compost making ensuring food security at household level.

Giving farming implements

Donating farming implements

Simple farming tools like a treaddle pump for irrigation help families realize their potential.

We don't just throw aid: helping a family with tools for self reliance will speed up our joint fight against poverty.

Donate Tools See Examples

Supporting a Community Project

Supporting a Community Project
We partnered with a local NGO called Urim Trust to run a community transformation project called 'Wabwino Network.'

Our aim is that these women are given the skills that will empower them to support their families.

By supporting the network, you are giving the women the unprecedented opportunity to have their first job and be a source of family income.

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Meet Our Needs

Urunji Child-Care Trust urgently needs the following:
  • desktop or laptop computers
  • laserjet printer and a copier
  • learning materials for kids
  • a motor vehicle (minibus)
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Our Expenditure

85% Programs, 10% Fundraising, 5% Management

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Urunji Child-Care Trust is a registered NGO in Malawi.
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