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Most African children are starving. Malawi is no excpetion. When you partner with Urunji Child-Care Trust, you are actually helping to sustain our growth and impact in so many ways – a huge difference that will transform lives in Malawi, India, Zambia and beyond. Here's how you can get involved:

Start Friends of Urunji (FoU) in Your Area

Friends of Urunji

We made it a point at the beginning of the year to spend 100% of project funds on projects. This will help us focus on key areas with the necessary resources.

When you start a local chapter of Friends of Urunji, you will help us to raise funds for either a specific project or to cover operating costs. We want to help you start this group with integrity. Please contact us for step-by-step information on how to set up FoU in your area.

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Be Our Voice

Be our voice

You can arrange meetings at any place where you find it convenient to raise awareness of the suffering that poor children go through in Malawi. You can request a UCCT staff member to speak at your place of worship, event, dinner or club. Email us at info@urunjichildcare.org to make arrangements.

You can also raise awareness about us by linking us to your site, blog or Facebook page. You can also download our Flier or Newsletter, print copies or distribute them electronically to people you know.

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Donate Cash or In-Kind

Free online volunteering
We have simplified the donation process so that you have a great experience supporting Urunji Child-Care Trust.

You can either donate cash or in-kind. When you chose the latter, we have prepared these guidelines for you. Feel free to share with friends.

If you chose to donate cash, simply click our DONATE link and you will see the many options we have to ensure you support your loved charity – Urunji Child-Care Trust.

Volunteer Online for Free

Online volunteering is free and we always have openings at Urunji Child-Care Trust. Why pay? Contact us for both free online and affordable onsite volunteer opportunities. Many volunteer opportunities exist in UCCT. The vetting process is strict and we only engage with people who understand the urgent need. We seek for people who are truly willing to put their effort in the work on UCCT and not just making another tour to Malawi. Get the facts from our blog article: Volunteering versus Voluntourism: Optimizing Your Impact and Experience.

Download Our Free Volunteer Guide

Submit a Review on Google

We’d be more than happy to get a positive review about our work on Google in 2 simple steps:

Step 1: On a computer or IPad, please go to your Google account, search for the full word ‘Urunji Child-Care Trust’ while you are logged in.

Step 2: On the right side you will see a module with the text ‘Write a review’ Please write the review and select the stars on the review. We look forward to receiving a positive review from you! Thank you for the support.

If you need a step-by-step guide, feel free to click the link below

How to Write a Review

Pledge Your Birthday

It is said that every day, 19 million people worldwide celebrate their birthdays. If just 1 million of us could donate $10 out of our birthday presents to Urunji Child-Care Trust, we could raise enough money to build a skills-center for youth in rural Malawi or build a hospital to treat diseases like cancer and draw people out of the chains of poverty. This is not a mere wish. It is a possibility that begins with you.

Here are some people who have pledged their birthdays:

Nicole, a young lady from South Africa

Nicky’s birthday falls on Christmas day. She wanted a meaningful Christmas by asking her friends to donate to Urunji instead of giving her birthday or Christmas presents. Her online fundraising campaign Love Birthday, Love Christmas, raised money for putting shoes on the feet of more than 100 children. We used the remaining funds for buying implements for a school garden.

Angélica from Colombia

Angie honored her loved one by buying gifts for the children sponsored by Urunji instead of a birthday present for him. Her partner – being touched by the gesture, donated more items which helped us to touch broken lives.

Not found what you are looking for on this page? Please contact us for more information. If you would like to start a corporate giving programme for Urunji Child-Care Trust, we would be excited to partner with you!

Contact Us

Urunji Child-Care Trust
Misenza Complex
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Area 49 Shire
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Mobile: +265 (0)997 400948
Email: info@urunjichildcare.org

Meet Our Needs

Urunji Child-Care Trust urgently needs the following:
  • desktop or laptop computers
  • laserjet printer and a copier
  • learning materials for kids
  • a motor vehicle (minibus)
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Our Expenditure

85% Programs, 10% Fundraising, 5% Management

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Urunji Child-Care Trust is a registered NGO in Malawi.
Registration # TR/INC5564